Members’ meetings 101 : avoiding members’ machinations





Members' Meetings 101 - Avoiding Members’ Machinations


Join Jacqueline Demczur (of Carters Professional Corporation) for a one hour webinar to review the difficult issues arising from members’ meetings and how to effectively resolve them. Building upon the presentation from October 1, 2015, on Getting Ready 101: Considerations Before Calling a Board or Members’ Meeting, this presentation addresses issues and difficult scenarios at members’ meetings. The new rules on non-profit governance under the new federal and Ontario not-for-profit corporate legislation also affect how these issues should be addressed. Some examples of issues include: can members vote by proxy and how, what to do if no quorum is achieved, can the chair of the meeting vote, what if the board chair has a conflict and cannot chair members’ meetings, when to appoint an independent third person to chair members’meetings, etc.

This webinar is one in a four part series: "2015 Fall Series - Your Guide to Holding Meetings 101: "Learning to Do It Right"


Imagine Canada, Carters Professional Corporation

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