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  • James Finlay

    James started his accounting career in 1996 gaining his first diploma in Canada. He then moved to the UK where he gained his accounting designation. Whilst in the UK he also obtained his Certification with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, an organization committed to fighting fraud worldwide. He returned back to Canada and has since worked in manufacturing, a non-profit charity in the health sector and now is the president of Finlay & Associates a small business who provides various accounting and fraud related services. His clients range from manufacturing, service type and non-profits.

    He has been volunteering for the last 18 years in positions such as Probation Officer, Income Tax Officer, Treasurer and Board Director. He is currently a volunteer Director of Finance with Hamilton Extend A Family. Established in 1980, they have been extending a helping hand to kids with developmental delays, physical challenges or emotional and behavioral problems

    James has memberships with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Institute of Internal Auditors, The Guild of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Accountants and has a Fellow Membership with the Association of Accounting Technicians.   

  • John M. Hodgson Q.C. (1921-2011)

    John M. Hodgson Q.C. was an expert in Canadian estate and trust law, was a tireless advocate of the vital social role played by Canada's volunteer and charitable sectors. He made exceptional contributions to the charitable sector in Canada through leadership in charitable law to co-founding the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (one of Imagine Canada’s predecessor organizations). A champion of knowledge and educational services to charities and nonprofits, he co-founded The Philanthropist journal. In particular, at Imagine Canada, John was a visionary and supported the development and sustainability of the Nonprofit Library and our National Engagement Strategy through the Agora Foundation. Imagine Canada proudly designated John M. Hodgson, Q.C. as the first Patron of Imagine Canada in December 2010, recognizing his outstanding service to Canada’s charities, his role as co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and his generous support to Imagine Canada

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