20 questions directors should ask about CEO succession




  • Stephenson, Peter
  • Beaudin, Guy
  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA)


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20 questions directors should ask about CEO succession


Also available in French under title: 20 questions que les administrateurs devraient poser sur la relève du chef de la direction

Table of contents : 

  1. What succession-related factors should be on our radar?
  2. Are we, as the board, responsible for overseeing the development of internal CEO succession candidates?
  3. What is our role in the development of internal CEO successors?
  4. How should we monitor the external talent pool?
  5. Do we understand and anticipate the limits to our CEO’s abilities?
  6. What is our role, as the board, in choosing the new CEO?
  7. What is the role of the CEO Search Committee?
  8. What does our “ideal” CEO look like?
  9. How do we determine the “readiness” of internal candidates?
  10. Do we need to look for candidates externally?
  11. Should we engage an executive search firm?
  12. How should we involve the CEO and management in the selection process?
  13. How do we minimize the risk of picking the wrong candidate?
  14. Who can help us reduce the risk inherent in CEO succession decisions?
  15. What should our CEO selection communications plan look like?
  16. How do we successfully integrate the new CEO into our organization?
  17. How do we track how well the new CEO is integrating?
  18. What is our role in coaching and developing the CEO?
  19. What should we do when faced with a sudden, unexpected CEO vacancy?
  20. How do we deal with CEO succession in family-controlled companies?


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