The evolution of giving : from charity to philanthropy




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The evolution of giving : from charity to philanthropy

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L'évolution du don : de la charité à la philanthropie


"Boomers, who grew up in a time of social change, are often defined by their desire to champion the cause of those less fortunate and make the world a better place. They’re bringing their beliefs, experiences and expertise to charitable giving and have the potential to define the philanthropist of the future.The BMO Retirement Institute (The Institute) Philanthropy Survey, conducted in August of 2009, revealed that while boomers are "givers,":- 44 per cent donate on impulse, without a plan or budget.- Although charitable giving ranked high as a way of teaching family values, only 15 per cent with children involve them in the decision process.- Just one per cent donate to charity as part of a plan or budget, with the help of a financial advisor.With a more strategic approach, boomers can spearhead the transition from a nation of charitable givers to a nation of philanthropists." -- exec. summary


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