• Best Fundraising Practices

    Best Fundraising Practices provides useful information and indicators of best fundraising practices to follow to help decrease the risk of non-compliant fundraising practices. Also available in French

  • Financement

    Cette vidéo décrit les lignes directrices de l'ARC sur la collecte de fonds pour les organismes de bienfaisance enregistrés, avec référence particulière à des ratios acceptables de dépenses de financement à des revenus et des exemples de pratiques de financement désirables et indésirables. Note: L'...

  • Fundraising

    This video reviews CRA's Guidance on Fundraising for Registered Charities fundraising guideline with special reference to acceptable ratios of fundraising expenses to revenues and examples of desirable and undesirable fundraising practices. Note: The information on the disbursement quota has been...

  • Protecting your constituents' personal information: a principle every nonprofit embrace

    Executive summary Is your organization's constituent information being shared Acceptable use of constituent data Policies allow staff to maintain sonsistency and standards What should the policy include Conclusion

  • Charity fraud awareness - how to communicate more effectively with your donors

    Take the quiz now at http://www.canadahelps.org/CharityFraud In this special webinar about charity fraud, we help charities understand more about what charity fraud is and how Canadians are reacting to it. We'll cover brand-new survey results from Canadian donors about their experiences,...